Reliable asbestos inventory

An asbestos inventory is a document showing where and to what extent asbestos is present in a building. For each building material containing asbestos, you will find advice on its management or removal. The asbestos inventory certificate, or asbestos certificate for short, is the result of an asbestos inventory that assesses the asbestos safety of a building. In many cases, it is mandatory. ECCA helps you to be legally compliant.

Legal obligation

Such an inventory or asbestos certificate is required by law in several cases:

  • Employers who employ workers in a building must have an asbestos inventory of their building in Belgium
  • From 23 November 2022, an asbestos certificate is legally required in the event of a sale of a pre-2001 building in Flanders
  • (From 2025, an asbestos certificate of the common parts of a building is legally required when selling a building unit within this building in Flanders)
  • From 2032, an asbestos certificate must be drawn up for every pre-2001 building in Flanders, regardless of any sale

Process of an asbestos inventory

Whatever form your building has, everyone can come to us for an inventory. In doing so, we first gather all technical information about your building and then conduct an on-site survey.

Depending on the purpose and use of the building, we perform a different type of survey:

  • A non-destructive investigation requires only an inspection of observable materials. For an asbestos certificate, a non-destructive* examination is sufficient.
  • In the case of destructive investigation, the sub- and intermediate materials are also included in the inventory. You will then also receive a more extensive inventory before the work starts.

And we do more: our certified asbestos experts give you detailed advice. This is how ECCA helps you concretely to be legally compliant.

(*limited damage inherent to sampling is not considered destructive testing)

Apply for an asbestos certificate immediately

Does the property belong to you as a private person or legal entity? Then order your asbestos inventory via our web shop. In just a few clicks, you fix the appointment:

Order your asbestoss analysis

Go to the asbestos certificate‘ product. On the basis of a few details, the system automatically calculates the amount for which you can order an asbestos certificate or extended asbestos inventory. You can easily pay online.

Complete your file

After your order, you will receive an automatic e-mail with a link to a form. This form must be completed thoroughly and correctly before you can book an appointment with an asbestos expert.

Schedule your asbestos certificate survey

After completing the file, you will receive an e-mail with the completed PDF. You will then be directed to the appointment tool. Here you can book an appointment with one of our certified asbestos experts.

The timing is only a preference. To limit our emissions, we make a logical schedule at least one day in advance. We will then let you know the exact time. So, keep the entire day available.

Accompany the asbestos expert

The asbestos expert will be there on the agreed day to thoroughly examine your premises.

Receive your asbestos certificate

After the survey of your premises, the asbestos expert will process the results in a certificate. You will receive this certificate by e-mail a few days after the survey.

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